Friday, January 8, 2010

A cut above the rest

I have to tell you, I am a lucky man to be married to such an amazing woman.
Aside from being an excellent mom to our little tribe, taking care of the books, looking after the home and working on a solution for global warming, she also knows how to keep her man happy.
And last Christmas, she proved it in spades.
How many ladies out there know a lot about tools? Not that many, and my wife is among them, but she does know a lot about me.
A few months back I accidentally broke my beloved compound mitre saw. It was a sad day indeed when I watched if fall off the work bench and smash into a dozen pieces – darn those stupid plastic handles.
I briefly contemplated trying to glue everything back together, but alas my beloved saw was already in the big tool box in the sky and deep down I knew it.
Following a period of mourning, a burial at the city dump and thoughts of all the stuff we could have done together, I forced myself to carry on.
No one said life would be easy.
Anyway, this past Christmas I noticed a very large box under the tree.
Nooo, it can't be, can it?
There it was, this big ol' box, wrapped in its Christmas finest and there was not a thing I could do until the morning of Dec. 25.
I had my suspicions, but how could I confirm what my heart was all a flutter for.
I know, I would wait until no one was looking and then lift the box to see how heavy it was. The perfect plan had been hatched and the moment the room was empty, I bounded over to the tree like a kid on a sugar high and carefully lifted the box of potential happiness.
Yeehaw, it was as heavy as I hoped it would be.
Now I really couldn't wait for the morning.
I had visions of me and my new saw spending hours together in the garage, building shelves or planters or arks or whatever else came to mind.
When I finally had a chance to open the present, I was not disappointed. Inside was a compound sliding mitre saw with a 10-inch blade, which was even better than the one I accidentally killed.
Like I said, what a woman.
After doing the happy dance and thanking my lovely wife, I asked how she knew what kind to get.
“I didn't. I found one we could afford and bought it.”
Works for me.
She may not have known diddly about mitre saws, but she still managed to find a perfect saw for a great price.
I had mentioned a similar saw that was on sale and the little gears in her brain started to turn so she went to the knower of all things worth knowing - Google – to gain some knowledge on the implement of construction.
She did a bit of research, learned about the saw and decided that was the one for her charming, witty and devilishly handsome husband (that would be me in case you were wondering.)
And the fact it was around 70 per cent off also helped her make up her mind.
So now I am looking for little projects to do.
“You want to buy a free-standing shelving system?! Not as long as I have my trusty mitre saw. I shall build the best darn shelving system you have ever seen. It shall be hailed across the land for its beauty and perfect mitred cuts.”
This spring, I anticipate a lot of sawdust will be flying around the homestead, generated by one happy hubby.
Dogs may still be man's best friends, but power tools come a close second.

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