Friday, April 9, 2010

Doggone strange stuff


It's funny how animals bring people together, especially dogs.

When walking the hound, it is not uncommon for other hound walkers to stop and chat about their dog, your dog, a dog they had when they were a kid or a variety of other canine-related topics.

While the strangers are chatting it up, the dogs are circling each other trying to get the best angle to sniff the other dog's butt.

Once again, I am glad humans shake hands when they meet. Sure it may not be the most hygenic thing to do as germs can be transferred and what not, but compared to how dogs greet each other it is just fine thank you.

The beasts give people a common ground from which to start a conversation, even if it is about a critter that would just as soon hump your leg as form of social interaction.

I guess any animal could be the catalyst for conversation, but you don't see many people taking their cat for a walk, so dogs are the predominant conversation starter.

And why not, dogs are better than cats anyway, as any dog person will tell you. Now before all the cat huggers cough up a furball, I have nothing against the kitty critters, I just prefer dogs.

We got my son a cat a few years back so I do share my home with a distant, self-absorbed creature that knows they are the centre of the universe, but enough about teen agers, we're talking about animals here.

We are a multi-cultural home with cat and dog live in near perfect harmony.

Part of that is because we have the mellowest cat to ever walk the planet. Nothing phases this cat, which is nice because those spastic, bounce-off-the-walls-at-the-sound-of-a-bug-fart cats drive me crazy.

I am convinced the cat and dog made an arrangement when Murphy the mutt arrived as a 10-week-old puppy.

ìHey, little dog, c'mere. Tell you what, let's make a deal. You don't annoy me and I won't kill you, sound good.î

Apparently they had an agreement, because the two get along very well, even though Murphy does still want to wrassle with the cat on occasion, but more often than not it involves the dog bouncing around wanting to play and the looking at him with the I-will-kill-you-in-your-sleep look.

But when taking your dog for a walk, it is a natural to strike up a conversation with other mutt people.

Typically the conversation centres on the dog, which makes sense seeing as how I do not know you and have nothing else to talk about other than the weather, but once in a while I come in contact with some one who offers too much information, waaaay to much in this particular case.

We were strolling down the street when an older gentleman approached walking a dog about the same size as ours. While the dogs were busy sniffing each other's posterior region, we chatted about the silly things dogs do.

This gentleman decided to let us know his dog preferred to sleep on the bed between himself and his significant other.

ìHe's a little dog so we don't mind, it just makes it kinda tricky when we want some loving,î he said much to our distress.

OK, pal, you know what? That is information I do not need. In fact, that is information I will never need. In fact, I could have gone to my grave without that information.

My wife and I suddenly realized we had to rush home to do, um, er, anything that did not involve talking to this guy so we excused ourselves and made good our escape.

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