Friday, December 7, 2012

Lots of muscles don't win arugments

When you have a significant other, it is inevitable there will be different views, ideas and opinions on a variety of topics.
And, on occasion, those differences will manifest in what can be described as a lively discussion full of spirited debate and the exchanging of ideas.
For some reason the man actually thinks he has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the um, er, exchange of ideas.
I have learned that winning an argument with your wife is like trying to outrun a dog: it’s just not going to happen. For the first few seconds you may think you are doing well, but it doesn’t take long before the dog is nipping at your heals and you realize the futility of you endeavor.
Women are just much better at expressing their thoughts and feelings than their male partners.
For me the problem is even worse because my wife is so much smarter than I am. She is also much more in tune with her inner self. I know I have an inner self, but we rarely communicate other than the occasional ‘What’s up?’ as we pass each other in the vacant expanse of the male emotional desert.
Part of the reason women are so much more adept at ‘discussing’ things is they have history on their side.
In ancient days of lore, the man did not have to be a strong orator. He just had to be strong. His job was to keep the clan safe from enemy attacks, marauding bears and the occasional Jehovah Witness who always showed up unannounced when he was busy doing something.
To do this he had to be physically strong. When it was the survival of the fittest, the big survive and the small wind up at the end of a spear or something.
There was not a lot of need for men to be in touch with their inner feelings back then. The only thing they needed to feel was their weapons as they vanquished their foes and kept the village safe from harm.
They did not have to talk their way out of a battle; they had to fight their way out. Men used steel, wood and their bare hands to get their point across.
While the men were out fighting each other for territory, riches, food or even bragging rights, the women were back in the cave or hut talking things out. They did not have to stomp on the bones of their opponent to claim victory.
They did not need brute force to get their point across.
Way back then, there was a need for men to be big and strong and being smart was not that important. The need to be in touch with one’s inner self and express their emotions in a clear and concise manner did not arise very often on the field of battle.
Being strong enough to bludgeon a buffalo with a rock, now that was important.
Over the millennia men have continued on with their muscular ways, but it is just not as important today, at least not in this culture.
There are not a lot of marauding bears in suburbia so what good do all those muscles do him?
Not much, and those bulging biceps mean absolutely nothing when it comes to having a ‘discussion’ with your significant other.
While men were working on their ability to go in to battle, women were busy broadening their minds, vocabulary and ability to communicate, which is why us husbands so rarely win an argument.
It may happen on occasion, but it is like a Sasquatch sighting; you hear of it but you don’t really believe it.

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