Friday, February 10, 2017

The maim game is painful fun

I have a love-hate relationship with the tech world.
I am impressed with what can be done with electro gadgets these days, but hate when something goes wrong.
Actually, I often hate technology when everything goes right.
Nothing is more frustrating that doing everything right on a computer and it still won't do what it is supposed to.
Some would say that means I am not doing everything right and them I say...well, they are probably right, but I am doing everything I know how to do and it is still not working.
But I muddle along as best I can with my old-man brain.
However, one of the cooler areas of technology I have embraced is Facebook.
There are many aspects of Facebook I must admit I do not care for – pick a political meme, any political meme - but there are some really great things about it as well.
The coolest thing about Facebook is the ability to keep in touch with people all over the world. It also allows you to re-connect with people you may not have seen in a long time.
Such was the case when I connected with a buddy from high school. We took different paths after graduation and I have not seen him since, but through the magic of FB, we are once again able to 'hang out' and this time it is not painful in the least.
Let me explain. You see, when we were in elementary school this friend and I played a little game where we would try to maim each other.
It was nothing too serious, just good old fashioned youthful energy channeled in such a way as to cause each other occasional bruise, scrape or second-degree concussion.
I don't know how the game started, but there are two distinct incidents I remember well.
The first was in the gymnasium where the class was doing a variety of sporting type activities. I happened to have a basketball which, as most people know, is fairly hard.
Seeing my buddy standing 10 feet away, I looked over and said 'Hey, Jeff' in a very non-threatening manner.
He turned around and I threw the ball with every ounce of strength I had, hitting him square in the face.
I was quite pleased with my shot, and when he regained consciousness I was even happier.
He was out for about 10 seconds and I thought for sure I was going to get it. But instead he was very calm about the whole thing.
That was my first warning sign because I knew he was planning his revenge and for the next couple of days I was a nervous wreck.
Cue gym class again and we are playing softball under the clear blue sky.
I am on first base running to second when suddenly I see stars.
The next thing I remember is looking up at that clear blue sky while the gym teacher freaks out because one of her students has been doing the ball diamond slumber for almost a minute.
I have to admit, it was one hell of a good throw by my buddy.
A batter hit the ball to the infield and my friend grabbed it and fired a masterful shot, beaning me in the bean as I ran full tilt toward second base.
He claimed he was trying to throw to second, but we all know the truth and the smug look on his face showed how proud he was of his accuracy.
I had a headache for three days and am pretty sure that was the first time I received a concussion.
But all is fair in love, war and the maim game.
We carried on this way until we reached high school where such antics faded away as we matured and all that stuff.
Basically we got tired of always being on edge and always wondering where the next assault was coming from.
Being a young boy is not for cowards.

At least through Facebook we can't knock each other out...yet.

Copyright 2017, Darren Handschuh

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