Monday, May 27, 2013

A shopping we will go and go and go and...

I thought it would be a fun little thing for us to do - some together time while spending money, who wouldn’t enjoy that?
Do to a nasty sewage backup – that is not the fun part, believe me – we had to replace several damaged items in our basement.
The insurance company was really good and signed off on our claim without a single word of complaint, sending us a cheque to replace our damaged goods, allowing us a small shopping spree.
The Missus and I discussed the new pantry we wanted to get, along with a few other items that were, um, soiled by the backed-up-pipes calamity of 2013.
I am not a real big fan of shopping. There are a few exceptions, but generally it is not my favourite sport.
The Missus, however, has taken it to a whole different level and this is where things started going off the rails.
Heading out to area stores, I figured we would go in, get what we need and get out seeing as we already knew what we wanted.
After 25 years of marriage, you would think I would have learned by now, but no one ever accused me of being a genius – ever.
Our shopping plan was going perfectly, until we arrived at the store that is.
I went straight to the aisle we were looking for, located the pantry we wanted and was pleased that we would be out of there in a matter of minutes.
Then I turned around and saw the Little Woman at the other end of the aisle checking out different cabinets and pantries.
“Um, Honey, Sweetheart, the one we want is right here. See, I am touching it right now. Look, there it is.”
Barely glancing up, my wife informed me she kind of liked the one she was looking at.
OK, no problem, let’s get that one.
“I don’t know. I like this one, but the other one is nice too.”
Thus starting a debate with herself that would result in us leaving the store without either one so she could think about it for a while.
So she thought about it, then thought about it some more, looked at the space, and spent the next couple of days thinking about it.
Meanwhile I was thinking I could have already had the pantry assembled and stocked with enough food to get us through the apocalypse, or until my teen age son and his friends came by – which, by the way, often feel like the same thing.
Anyway, there was still an empty space where our new pantry should be and we continued to dig through boxes to find the dried foods we were seeking.
My wife then went online to search out more pantries, resulting in a trip to a different store to look at different cabinets that looked very similar to the ones we had already looked at, but were different enough to make her go home and think it over for a couple of days.
I am beginning to notice a pattern here. Another trip to a another store uncovered even more pantries. They looked very much like the other ones we had investigated, but they were different enough for my wife to want to go home and think about it and…you know the story by now.
We made several trips to various stores before settling on a pantry that looked a lot like the first one we were checking out. It might have been for all I know because by that point, I had lost track.
I lugged the big box full of wood to my humble home, assembled it and loaded it with food, happy the pantry ordeal had finally been resolved.
However, I was not out of the shopping woods yet – not by a long shot.
You see, the hallway carpet also had to be replaced and when we walked into the flooring store I almost hit the floor as I looked at the dozens of options available to us.
Darren Handschu

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