Friday, February 28, 2014

I just don't have the time to learn to be patient

My wife pointed out the other day I am not the most patient man she has ever met.
I tried to change, but the process took too darn long.
Yes, I admit I am not very patient, a trait I picked up from my dad who is even more impatient than I am.
My dad is a good man and a great example of integrity, honesty and how to be a father, but he did fall a little short in the patience department.
My loving wife kindly noted my own impatience shines like the burning sun mostly when I am driving. For some reason getting behind a slow driver, or some other unforgivable infraction, seems to push my buttons.
Having noticed this more than once over the past 25 years of marital bliss, the Missus suggested I take a tip from one of those self-help books and simply accept the person in front of me is going slower than I would like and there is nothing I can do about it.
I do not expect people to drive like they are qualifying for the Indy 500 or anything.
You don't have to go warp speed down the highway, but I would appreciate it you would at least do the speed limit.
Here is a little bit of free advice: if you are driving down a two-lane bit of blacktop with limited places to pass and there is a line-up of cars behind you as far as the eye can see, you might be going a tad on the slow side.
If you look like you are leading a convoy of mini-vans and compact cars, then perhaps a little more pressure on the gas pedal is in order.
I mean c'mon buddy, just because you have no where to go in a hurry doesn't mean I...It is at this point where I have to think about what I learned in that book, calm myself down and simply accept the fact the bonehead, um, I mean the motorist in front of me is dictating the speed and arriving a couple minutes later than I wanted really is not a big deal.
But if you are driving so slowly children on scooters are passing you, give me a break and hit, I guess I need to keep working on that one.
The Missus encourages me to think 'happy thoughts' and try to look at things in a more positive light.
“Bless you for driving with such care and for giving me the time to look around and enjoy the scenery.” Hmm, just doesn't have the same zing as some of my other thoughts, but I will give it a try.
The Little Woman also noted I have some issues when it comes to driving in heavy traffic and dealing with people who can't seem to figure out the basics of the road like staying in your own lane, or using a turn signal or merging. I mean, c'mon how hard is it to merge? You slow down, look over your shoulder and if it safe to do so, you accelerate into the lane.
Merging does not mean come to a full stop, then look over your shoulder and then attempt to figure out how to merge into moving traffic.
It really isn't that difficult people. I mean, if you can't figure out something so simple what are you doing on the road anyway and...
You know, my wife may have a point. So instead of getting frustrated and impatient, from now on I will try to remain calm and thank the driver for being so cautious in their approach to motoring on our roadways.
It is better to bless the perceived offender than to react in a hostile manner.
So the next time someone is driving too slowly, cuts me off or can not figure out how to merge, I will simply look at them and say “Bless you, pal.”

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