Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Magic ring makes school officials stupid

Just when you think those in charge could not be any more ridiculous, someone digs down deep, tries harder and sinks to an even greater level of dumb-assery.
In this instance, it involved a nine-year-old boy, a 'magic' ring and a principal who really needs to give his head a shake.
It happened in Texas – where everything is bigger, including dumb decisions.
The young lad in question had just seen the latest Hobbit movie in which the hero, Bilbo Baggins, uses a magic ring to help thwart the bad guys.
Whenever Bilbo wears The One Ring – as it is referred to in the movies – he is invisible to all and the Ring of Power plays a significant and vital role in the movie.
Like most Grade 4 students, this young lad wanted to act out what he saw on the big screen so his dad bought him the 'magic ring' from the movie.
The boy took The One Ring to school to show his friends. He then told one of his friends the ring can make them disappear (as it does in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings stories).
The highly anal principal interpreted this as a threat to the other student and suspected the nine-year-old, saying threats of any type will not be tolerated.
Seriously, the principal actually kicked the boy out of school for essentially using his imagination.
I agree threats of injury, violence etc. should not be tolerated on any level, but come on, saying a magic ring can make someone disappear is hardly a threat – it's kids goofing around and being kids.
Had be brought a sword to school and said it would make his friend's head disappear that would be a threat worthy of administrative involvement.
But a magic ring?
What about a magic wand? Will all fairy princesses be outlawed because of the dangerous weapon they are packing?
Run, it's Princess Star Bright and her wand that will make you fart rainbows. Oh the humanity.”
That is just as ridiculous as a 'magic' ring being a threat.
It's not the first time administrative zealots have intervened where they are not wanted or necessary.
Also in the USA was the case of a young deaf boy who was forbidden from signing his name – Hunter – because he had to make his fingers into the shape of a gun to fully sign his moniker.
He was told if he did it again he would be suspended. His parents were quite upset with the school and rightfully so.
Another elementary school banned lunch-hour soccer matches because a parent who was walking near the field got hit in the head with a ball and claimed a concussion.
Dumber still is the elementary school that banned the game of tag because the kids had to touch each other and there was the possibility someone could get hurt.
Officials feared someone might skin a knee, or have some other calamity befall them. Heaven forbid Junior should get a boo-boo while having fun with friends and getting exercise.
Better sit them in front of a computer monitor and feed them sugar where they can't get hurt, well, aside from diabetes and other fat-related illnesses.
And then people wonder why kids today are so chubby, scared and wimpy. Skinned knees are part of being a kid, as are bruises and all sorts of boo-boos.
It's enough to make one want to put on their magic ring and disappear.

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