Friday, March 6, 2015

Dopey dress debate too dumb to discuss

Anyone who follows the absurdity of the Interweb has no doubt come across one of the most talked about and hotly debated subjects in the world today: the dress.
More specifically, what colour is the dress?
Somewhere in this wacky world a lady posted a picture of a dress and asked people to comment on what colour they thought it was.
The dress went viral – as they say – and garnished attention around the globe. Countless Internet debates raged, 'news' programs weighed in on the subject and for a brief while most of the free world was talking about the colours of this dress.
There are no words in the English language to adequately express how much I do not care what colour this dress is. Which is also kind of how I feel about anything and everything the Kardashian clan does. One is getting married, another is getting a divorce, one is pregnant and one is an alien from the planet Lookatme. Who cares? Someone must because these um, er, 'ladies' (of questionable morals and actions) are everywhere. They are in newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, on talk shows and even real news outlets are covering their exploits.
Call me old fashioned, but to me a 'lady' does not jump from bed to bed, get a divorce after two months of marriage or show their 'assets' every chance they get.
But almost every single day there is some sort of Kardashian news being forced into my mind where it asaults my brain with unwanted information continually degenerates into an ever-lowering level of stupidity.
Did I say who cares yet? Because if I did, I could not possibly say it too many times.
But while it is nearly impossible to not notice these no talent, spoiled, attention whores because of the massive media jugernaut they have become, I would not even have known about the 'intellectual' debate surrounding the stupid dress had it not popped up on my FaceBook feed –  bringing with it a frenzy of opinions and comments.
Some insisted it was one colour, while others vigerously proclaimed it was another.
There were, however, some very wise people who did not give a fat rat's butt what colour the dress was and pointed out there were far more important things to debate than the colour of a dress.
Now those people I liked. Their comments made sense, but for every one casting dispersions on the dress debate, there were many who enthusiasically embraced the great dress discussion.
OK, I know I have said it before, but it bears saying again: who cares?
Not this guy.
There are so many valid things out there worth talking about, but for a brief while the world was obsessed with the colour of some fabric that was to be worn by a someone somewhere on the planet.
メDo you think ground troops will be needed to defeat ISIS in the Middle East?”
メGood question, but what I really want to know is: do you think the dress was white and gold, or beige and brown?”
メChina is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Do you think embargoes on their products should be implemented to force them to clean up their industry to slow the global impact of pollution?”
メHmmmm, another good question, but what people really want to know is: how do you think that dress would look on a Kardashian?”
I wish I was exagerating the stupidity of such conversations, but they happen every day. And not just among people, massive news networks often give air time to stuff like the dress or other viral Internet entities like the Kardashians.
The dastardy dress debate will soon be gone, only to be replaced by another ridiculous topic and I am pretty sure I will not care about that one either.

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