Friday, March 18, 2011

football is boring

OK, I'll admit it.
I am saying it right here in black and white: I don't get what all the Super Bowl hoopla is about.
It is just a football game, sure it's a championship game, but still it is one single game.
I am even going to take things a little further and admit I am not a big football fan, not even Canadian football (but you probably already guessed that.)
There, I am out of the football closet as it were. I have watched football of course, and I find it just slightly more exciting than soccer.
I know, I just alienated both forms of football fans, but what can I tell ya, I just find both games a little on the slow side. And by a little, I mean a lot.
And why do they call football, football? I can understand why Europeans call their game of choice football, because you kick the ball with your foot ñ not too big of a stretch there.
But in the North American game, they spend most of the time carrying the ball. Maybe they should have called that soccer instead of stealing the name of another sport which can cause confusion among die-hard football fans (I'll let you decide what brand of football I am talking about because at this point, I am not too sure myself.)
I am glad basketball was invented by a Canadian.
Based on their creativity when it comes to naming sporting activities, had the Yanks invented basketball, they probably would have called it hockey.
But a good ol' Canuck decided the point of the game was to put a ball through a basket, and seeing as how football had already been taken ñ twice ñ he went with basketball.
Basketball is an exciting game, with lots of action, passing, shooting and super stars creating more drama than than those boneheads on Jersey Shore. It's kind of like a soap opera with a jock strap.
I will admit, there are a few exciting moments in football, but you have to sit through a lot of agnonizingly boring plays before there is that brief flurry of action.
Then it is back to huddles, some guy with the ball running a few feet before being tackled, then another huddle, then another short run, then another huddle...and so on and so forth.
Instead of spending a few precious hours of my life watching the game, I just tune in to a sports show at the end of the day and catch the highlights. Perfect. I can see everything worth seeing in about three minutes.
Which brings us back to the Super Bowl.
So much hype goes into one single game, you would think the second coming will happen at half time.
Advertisers spend millions of dollars for a singe commercial. Why? Because there will be millions of people worldwide watching the game. This year 111 million plunked down in front of a TV to watch the championship game of 'carrytheballî (what the game should have been called.)
Thanks to the wonders of the Interweb, I do not even have to watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials ñ which is typically the best part of game anyway. I can just go to Youtube and viola, there they are, free of all the pointless stuff ñ like the game itself.
I am sure right about now there are some die-hard football fans frothing at the mouth for such sacrilege and to them I say if you want to watch a real sporting event, catch a hockey game.
Fast, hard hitting and exciting with a play off that is not decided in a single game.
That way if your team has an off day, there is always game two to even the score.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to Youtube those commercials again.
Oh, and, can anyone tell me who won the game?

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