Friday, May 27, 2011

Ouch that hurts

I'm not saying I'm a super tough guy, or even a marginally tough guy but I can take a certain amount of pain.
Growing up, I played hockey which brings with it bumps, bruises and more bruises, and I rode dirt bikes for many years ñ which brings even more bumps and bruises.
Riding dirt bikes is not the painful part, it's the falling off that hurts. Actually, the falling off part does not even hurt, but more accurately, it is the landing that causes the pain.
Funny thing about hitting the ground covered in gravel and large rocks, commonly referred to as death cookies, there is not a lot of give, and when you crash there is no escaping the pain.
We had a saying when it came to dirt biking, ìIf you don't crash, you are not riding hard enoughî and some days I was riding really hard. (I have the scars to prove it.)
I have done some martial arts in my lifetime which also involves pain, but as in love, when it comes to martial arts it is better to give than receive ñ way better.
In fact, the goal is to give as much as you can. Problem is, the goal is the same for everyone in the room so there is no way to avoid a little receiving.
When it came to martial arts I had a saying, ìYou're not having fun until it hurtsî and some classes I was having a lot of fun.
Paintball has a similar philosophy and there is no way you can get through a game without getting hit at least once, and yes, it does hurt. My personal best is getting 'shot' 13 times. I looked like I had a case of some sort of weird measles mutation that left dots the size of loonies, and by dots I mean welts.
But just like riding motorcycles and martial arts, getting hurt is part of the game.
Like I said, I am not a tough guy by any stretch, I just happen to have hobbies that involve pain.
Over the years I have broken both big toes, absolutely shattered one little toe and had various injuries, which is why what happened the other day is so embarrassing.
I was at the skin doctor to have this little procedure done. It was not a big deal, just a minor little, tiny procedure ñ no problem for a 'tough' guy, right?
The doc asked if I was allergic to freezing, which I am not, before she stuck a needle in my scalp to freeze the area to remove the whatever it was.
As soon as the needle broke the skin I nearly passed out. I became dizzy, clammy and could feel the tunnel vision starting. All of that from a tiny, little needle.
The sharp pain of the needle lasted a couple of seconds, but I thought I was going to hit the ground like a fat guy trying to skip rope.
I recovered quickly and did some deep breathing to avoid a close up look at the floor.
Why that happened I do not know.
I have had needles before for various things without a problem, but for some reason this needle had my name on it and threatened to take me down.
There have been a couple other times in my life where a tiny amount of pain nearly takes me out of reality, and not in the good way.
So, for some reason big pain does not seem to bother me all that much, but a tiny little pin prick nearly drops me to my knees.
Go figure.

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