Friday, June 1, 2012

Wigs for dogs! You have got to be kidding me

Let me start by saying I admire her creativity, inventiveness and ability to make a living doing this.
But the way she makes her living confirms the old adage, ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’
A woman in the United States (where else could this happen) has made a rather lucrative career out of making and selling wigs.
No big deal you say. People have been doing that for centuries you say. Well, these wigs are for dogs. That’s right, she makes wigs for hounds and business is booming.
When I first heard of this venture I could not believe what I was reading, but it is a legitimate enterprise.
Her website provides pictures of what dogs look like when you plop a wig on their head. Most of them have a please-shoot-me-now look on their face.
The wigs come in various colours and styles and you can even custom order a wig to suit your hound’s sense of fashion.
There is also advice on measuring your mutt for a quality fit. After all, we can’t have Fido running around with a wig that does not fit perfectly. How silly would that look?
After looking over the website and thinking about this for a few minutes I came up with one question: Why?
Why does a dog need a wig? Do people just sit around and look for ways to waste their money?
I have seen, and written about, birthday cards for dogs, tiny doggy boots, little leather jackets for dogs and a variety of other goofy pet items, but wigs for dogs is officially at the top of the list of ridiculous animal accessories.
Many of the wigs have themes such as a bartender style (whatever that is), a Beatles style and, of course, what collection would be complete without the Elvis style.
Not a fan of the King, how about a Sonny and Cher style? Or maybe the Sarah Palin style perhaps? Or the weirdest of them all: the blonde bombshell style.
Yikes, please remember these are dogs and if you are looking at them as a blonde bomb shell perhaps some interaction with a mental-health specialist is in order.
Further investigation revealed there are actually several businesses selling wigs for dogs.
‘Why?’ can not be overstated enough.
‘There is one born every minute and two to take him in’ has never rung truer. Actually there are more than two, there are several purveyors of dog wigs out there to sucker people, I mean, to meet the demand of pet owners who simply can not stand to see their dog run around looking like a normal dog.
And fear not cat lovers, you too can waste your money on a lid for your kitty. Yup, someone is making and selling wigs for cats. There are not as many cat wig suppliers, but even one is more than enough.
The wigs come complete with a carrying case, brush and a little Styrofoam ball that you can store the wig on when the beast is not prancing around the house with it.
And like the dog wigs, the cat wigs come in a variety of colours, styles and cuts.
I don’t get it, but I must admit to holding some respect for the makers and sellers of the wigs.
I don’t know how they started their business, but if I came up with the plan, I doubt the Missus would jump on board.
“Guess what honey? I have a brilliant idea. I am going to make and sell little wigs for dogs. They will come in a variety of sizes and colours and people will put them on their dogs and take pictures. It will be awesome.”
“That’s great Sweetheart, now could you excuse me for a moment I just need to call Dr. Jones to see if your medication needs to be checked.”
But if these folk can make a living selling completely and utterly unnecessary products to suckers, er I mean pet owners, then good on them.

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