Friday, September 26, 2014

Reality TV sinks to new low

Well, it's official – reality TV has hit a new low, and based on some of the stuff that is currently out there, it was not easy to do.
According to news reports, American cable channel WE TV has ordered nine episodes of Sex Boy. As you can tell by the name, this will not be for family viewing (or for anyone with a maturity level higher than a 13-year-old boy.)
In the 'show,' couples take to a stage where they engage in intimate relations in front of a panel of what the news outlet called D-list actors who, along with sinking to any level just to get in front of a camera, will critique the 'performance' of those involved.
Like I said, a new low for not only realty TV, but TV in general. Although it is called the boob tube, so...
The show is based on a British series of the same name and is being brought to America because there is currently not enough sleazy things going on south of the border.
But it is not just our American cousins who are kind of weird. The Germans have a few bizarre things going on as well.
It would seem there is a rather trendy hotel located next to the Berlin Zoo that is all the rage at the moment for its spectacular views of the city and the zoo itself.
But the hotel offers views of its own.
According to a news report (and a quick Interweb search), the restrooms of The Monkey Bar have floor-to-ceiling windows so those heeding nature's call can be seen by any gawkers who may be interested in watching from the street.
All I can says is: Why? Why? And why?
Why would anyone want to be watched doing that and why would anyone want to watch them.
Just when you think the world can not possibly get any dumber, someone, somewhere manages to lower the bar even more.
I remember the good old days when both of the previous activities were done in private, behind closed doors without an audience of any sort.
In other weird goings on, London designer Gigi Barker recently unveiled the Skin Chair. The $2,500 creation is made of leather, but is infused with a 'pheromone-impregnated silicone base' (whatever the hell that is).
The selling feature is the chair is like "lounging in the fleshy, comforting folds of a man's belly."
Ick – really, what more can I say?
Will someone buy the chair? Probably, because there is one born every minute.
Here's a refreshing story that does not involve carnal activities, latrine voyeurism or fake skin. Nope, this one involves some good, old-fashioned stupidity.
A teacher in the U.S. of A. (where else) accidentally shot herself in the leg while using the staff restroom.
It would seem the grade school teacher was packing heat and the weapon accidentally discharged while she was um, er, you know, doing her business.
Apparently it is perfectly legal for teachers in this particular county to carry concealed firearms to school and they must keep their weapon on them at all times – even when going to the loo.
The teacher was not seriously injured, but her co-workers were concerned when they heard a loud bang and then groaning coming from the lavatory.
Many suggested higher fibre content in her diet before they learned what had actually happened.
And speaking of schools and guns, several school districts in America are purchasing surplus army weapons including fully automatic assault rifles, automatic pistols and thousands of rounds of ammo.
School officials said the weapons are needed in case of an attack on the school like those that have sadly happened over the years.
They will be used only by trained personelle and will be kept locked inside an armory at the school.
An armory at the school? Machine guns? Automatic pistols?
When I was in school, the most dangerous things we had to worry about was the mystery meat at the cafeteria and Jeff's smelly feet when he took his shoes off.

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