Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bad cholesterol sucks the joy out of eating

I miss the good old days.
Not just the days when nothing hurt when I stood up, or the days when I had hair on my head and not my back, but the good old days when I did not have to watch every single thing I ate.
With the big 5-0 looming in the not-so-distant future, one has to start thinking about what one eats or one will end up looking more like two than one.
There are also pesky things like a risk of having a heart attack, stroke or some other nasty bit of body breakdown that come from not living a more healthy lifestyle. And that healthy lifestyle means giving up pretty much any and all food that I used to enjoy.
As a young land, cholesterol was an old person problem. Well, it is now my problem so that must is a middle-age person problem too.
There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and it would seem I have an abundance of bad cholesterol, as does several of my kin.
I did not exactly win the genetic jackpot with a family history that includes just about every ailment modern science knows about.
I am not talking about stuff you can catch – like malaria or anything – but medical issues that are part of your genes and you have very little choice of getting them or not.
Among my inheritance from my forefathers, foremothers and forecousins was a wonky cholesterol situation.
The doctor informed me of my cholesterol woes and said I would have to change many of my eating habits. So naturally, I got a new doctor.
Actually, I took note of what he was suggesting and walked out of his office with a stack of papers on what I can eat, should eat, must eat and must never again even think of eating ever again.
How come bacon tastes so good, but is so bad for you? I will add that to the long list of things I plan on asking God as soon as he gets email.
Ironically, my current dietary issues had nothing to do with my past penchant for all things tasty.
A double bacon burger, fries and enough gravy to float an actual boat please,” was a request I made more than once at a restaurant.
So, I have had to adjust my diet and I am proud to say my cholesterol is around where it should be. My enjoyment of eating is way down, but at least so is my cholesterol.

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AR said...

I will add that to the long list of things I plan on asking God as soon as he gets email.
Hahaha... hilarious. Rotfl.
Glad you were able to control your cholesterol. I have the same problem but am unable to give up rich food. Eat well and die soon seems to be my motto. Or eat well and suffer a heart attack stroke. Either way, I will get what I deserve.