Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bubble TV melds with modern technology

I came home the other day and Junior informed me he had signed us up for Netflix.
That was very kind of you son. Um, why do I want Netflix?”
Because they have tons of cool shows.”
OK, and I assume I will be the one paying for all these cool shows.”

Um, er, well...lemme show you what all they have.”
So now, I have Netflix, which actually is pretty cool.
They do have a lot of good stuff – and a lot of stuff I could care less about – but it has more that interests me than what is on TV, so I figure I will give it a try.
The problem is, our televsion set is so old Fred Flintstone used to watch it.
It is an old bubble TV that we got for free when our flatscreen packed it in a couple of years ago. But despite its age it does everything I require of a TV – it lets me watch TV.
The challenge now was, how do I get Netflix from our wifi router to our ancient boob tube?
There had to be a way, so the Missus and I headed out to the local electronics store to see what kind of gizmo we would need to make the magic happen.
The first store we stopped at we were assisted by a lad so young his voice had barely finished changing.
We explained out situation while he looked at us with a blank stare.
He then called his manager over – who was just slightly older - and she too gave us a blank stare and said they could not help us.
Hmm, perhaps this will be a little more difficult than I thought.
But we carried on our quest and explained the situation to the kid at the next store.
This guy seemed a little older as was evident by the three wiskers he had growing out of his chin. I had a pair of shoes older than he was, but at least he was not giving us the blank stare.
But as we told Scooter about the situation, he did look at us like we were hill folk in town for our annual pilgrimage.
Obviously he could not believe someone – anyone – in this day and age would still have a bubble TV.
On the outside he listened patiently, but I am sure on the inside he was thinking, “These old people need to get with the times. I hope they don't break a hip in the store. I wonder where they parked their walkers? A bubble TV...I can't wait to tell everyone on lunch break.”
I am not at the top of the tech game, but I am hardly a dinosaur – even if my TV was around the same time T-Rex was.
I may have just turned 50, but I am hardly ready for a home – although some days it does sound appealing.
Unlike Skippy at the first store we were at, this guy actually had an idea of what we needed, and after he explained the situation to a much older co-wokerer – this guy was at least 25 – they found what we were looking for.
It is some sort of adapter that recieves the wifi signal and will hook up to our Jurassic TV set.
I must admit, deep down I was scanning new TVs and secretly hoping we could replace the bubble with a plasma, but Scooter came through and the gizmo thingy works just fine.
That's OK, the gizmo cost a lot less than a new TV and the bubble TV works just fine – and now it works with Netflix.

Copyright 2015, Darren Handschuh

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