Friday, May 29, 2015

Yes dear, you're right, I'm sorry - and repeat until discussion is over

Relationships can be tricky things. There are multiple factors at work at any given time that can influence, impact or in general screw things up.
There are the easy things to deal with like what to have for supper, what movie to watch and other trivial daily topics.
But then there are the more in depth and challenging aspects of a relationship which encompass a much wider and complicated relationship realm. There are children to raise, money to carefully spend, households to run and many things to apologize for.
Past issues tend to press their way into the present and can often create challenges and difficulties for years, even decades depending on what the problems are and the willingness of everyone to deal with those problems.
Niether side is innocent of these issues even if they won't admit it. The problem I have found is women are much better at expressing their feelings and therefore have an unfair advantage over us somewhat emotionally diminished men when it comes to discussing things.
It's not really our fault though. Throughout time, the vaginally challenged members of society have had the role of hunting, gathering and protecting the rest of the village from bad guys intent on doing bad things.
You do not need a lot of emotional enhancement to club a marauding raider over the head, or spear a mammoth for dinner. You need a thick skull and a strong arm.
Emotions were not going to help you stop a charging sabretoothed tiger, brute strength would. The tiger or marauders are not going sit down and 'talk it out.'
It is with that influence of ancient lineage that modern man finds himself severely outgunned in the communication department.
While modern man no longer has to fend off attacking hordes of nasties - well, not around here anyway - thousands of years of the emotionless, warrior mindset has put us at a slight disadvantage in the modern world we find ourselves in.
There are not a lot of sabretoothed tigers running around anymore, so men have had to play catch up in the emotions department.
Suddenly, men need to be in touch with their feelings, to be sensitive, to be able to express themselves in a way a woman can understand. And by the way, if anyone out there knows how to do that, let me know - please. No really I mean it, send me a note because I have had as much success in that area as a one-armed juggler,
I have, however, learned there are six words that can make a huge difference when having an, er, um 'discussion' with your significant other. "Yes dear," "You're right," and "I'm sorry" if said often enough and with an air of honesty to them, will end just about any 'discussion.'
Sure, it may not resolve the issue for the man, but at least it sort of an emotional response - sort of. And it will bring peace to your home - which is really the end goal of any 'discussion.'
And what can you expect from a gender that spent centuries being hard, cold and emotionless.
Ladies have generations upon generation of sharing emotions and us men have some serous catching up to do because we are all now supposed to be one with our feelings.
So ladies, if we don't gush with words of emotional sentiment or show a deep understanding of how you or we feel, all I can say is "Yes dear" "You're right," and "I'm sorry."

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