Friday, January 10, 2014

Adventures in the vet's office

Murphy the Wonder Dog was excited as usual.
As soon as we touched his leash he began doing his happy dance in anticipation of the adventure we were about to embark on.
Usually, grabbing the tether means he is going for a walk around the neighbourhood, or better yet, a woodland excursion along our favourite hiking trail.
Today however, the voyage had a different destination: the veterinarian's office.
But Murph the Surph would not be going alone. Gilbert the Cat would be joining him.
Gil is the mellowest cat God has ever placed on this earth, and for that I am thankful.
Nothing fazes the feline that is entering his 12th year of life. However, even Mr. Mellow has his hang ups and he does not like car rides, so to take him anywhere we put him in a little animal carrier.
He walks right in like it is not big deal and is calm as can be. He is totally relaxed, until the van starts moving.
He does not freak out and go nuts like some cats do. Gilbert's version of 'spazzing out' is to let out a mournful wail every few seconds to express his displeasure with the situation.
Meanwhile Murphy is trying to figure out why we are bringing the cat along on one of our outback treks.
He sniffed the cage several times to confirm it was his cat that was making those odd noises.
Murphy remained excited after entering the vet's office and he looked around and sniffed everything he could in the waiting room. Gil stopped making the odd noises and simply looked out of his holding pen, waiting to see what happens next.
Even when the vet came out and led us into the examination room, Murphy was still pretty darn excited to be on an adventure.
The vet checked his ears – which he has had some problems with – she checked his weight, his joints and his stomach all with Murphy being thrilled at receiving so much personal attention from a total stranger (something he loves.)
Then it was time to take his temperature. Suddenly Murphy was not having such a good time. I have never seen that look on his face before, but it was a look of “WHAT THE....HEY. STOP IT. I'M NOT THAT KIND OF DOG.”
As all pet owners know, you can not take an animal's temperature orally, so another method must be used, one Murphy did not remember from his last visit to the vet.
Fortunately the medical procedure lasted only a few seconds and he was done. But Murphy remained skeptical of the whole examination process from that point on. He had his vaccination shots, which he was also not too thrilled about, and was declared in good health.
It was now the cat's turn, and I am sure if Murphy could talk he would have warned Gil of the impending invasion of his personal space.
Like Murphy before him, Gilbert went through the check list before eventually having his temperature taken.
Gil was not a happy cat.
Remember that odd sound I was telling you about when he was in the cage? Well, it was even louder during the 'procedure.'
Once the vet was done, good ol' Gilbert sought some measure of revenge and promptly pooped all over the examination table.
Only a cat would come up with such a devious form of pay back. I have never seen a cat look smug before, but if they can project such an emotion, they would look like Gilbert did at that moment.
A de-worming pill and a vaccination shot closed Gilbert's time at the vet and he eagerly hopped back in his carrying pen, happy the ordeal was over.
Both Murphy and Gilbert are in good physical shape, but the psychological damage from the examination may haunt them both for a few days.

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