Friday, January 3, 2014

Held captive in a room with no way out

I was trapped, with no avenue of escape.
I tried talking my way out of the predicament, but there would be no reasoning. Freedom was just a few steps away, but it might as well have been across a frozen chasm guarded by rottweilers with knives.
I quickly realized I had no control over the situation and was at the mercy of my captor.
So, how did I end up here?
It was a chain of events set in motion several years ago that would lead to me being held captive in a small room in a house deep in the woods.
It began when some good friends visited their relatives in the Caribbean. The vacation itself was uneventful, but the aftermath for the couple in their late 40s caught everyone off guard and led to me being a prisoner.
A couple months after returning from the sunny clime, our friend was not feeling well, but she initially dismissed it as any one of a number of minor causes.
The feeling persisted and days turned into weeks. She found herself in the doctor's office, thinking perhaps she had picked up some sort of exotic Caribbean bug or something.
She explained her symptoms to the doctor.
"Let's start with the basics so we can eliminate the simple stuff,” the doc said while filling out requisition forms for a variety of tests.
As she looked at the form, she noticed the box for a pregnancy test was checked.
They both had a chuckle over that, but the doctor said it was just a routine test and was no big deal.
Being in her late 40s, she found it amusing the doc would even consider such a test and quickly dismissed it.
After having the tests done she was once again in the doctor's office.
"OK, we can rule out a major ailment,” said the good doctor.
“That's a relief, but do you have any idea why I feel this way?” queried my friend.
“Yes I do, you're pregnant.”
It took a few minutes for the words to register. She knew what they all meant and had heard them before, but she could not figure out why her doctor was saying them to her now.
Her husband was equally stunned at first, and then overjoyed, especially when they learned they were having a little girl. They already had three sons and were over the moon at the amazing news.
Fast forward almost three years and we are visiting their home that is nestled in a postcard-like woodland setting.
The little girl is a bundle of energy you would expect from a two year old, and is so adorable she could melt the heart of Atilla the Hun.
For Christmas she received a fancy and frilly bed that she was eager to show off to everyone. She stood at the edge of the livingroom, waving for me to follow.
It was impossible to resist, and she chatted away in a language only she could understand as I followed her up the stairs.
After commenting on what a pretty princess bed she had, I sat down on the floor while she showed me her dollies. I then stacked several blocks, which she promptly knocked over with a giggle.
I stacked them again and she knocked them down again - more giggling. We had discovered a wonderful game, but after a while I suggested we go back downstairs.
She then ran to the door and shut it before handing me a couple more blocks.
I knew at that moment I was trapped by someone who barely came up to my knee.
This tiny little human was suddenly the alpha in the room and I did not have the heart to challenge her rule, so I stacked more blocks so she could knock them over. We would both giggle.
After a few minutes her dad came the rescue and I was free, although I must admit, captivity was quite enjoyable.

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